Whether you're looking to get your Canadian permanent resident card or renew your old one, you'll need to have a good picture. But how do you make sure that the photo you take is as good as it can be? Here are a few tips to help you out.

How to take a Canadian permanent resident card photo?

Having a permanent resident card photo that meets the requirements of Canada is vital. The photo must be clear, sharp, and in focus. It also must be printed on photo quality paper and be a color photo. If you cannot print your photo yourself, there are other options available. You can have a professional photo taken, or you can use an online photo maker to create a permanent resident card photo.

You can use a tripod to take your photo. Set it up about three meters from the subject. It's advisable to use a light blanket or white sheet as a background. No shadows cast on your face and make sure that your hair is properly exposed. You should also make sure that your eyes are looking into the camera. You should not use glasses or pacifiers in your photo. If you need to use these items, you should ensure that they do not leave red marks on your face. In addition, you should also use a photo that was taken within the last six months. 

Alternatively, you can have your photographer stamp your information on the photo. However, you should be aware that this may change the shape of your head. You may also need to use digital enhancements if you want to change the shape of your face.

Compression ratio

Choosing the right Compression ratio of a Permanent Resident Card photo is a crucial step in ensuring that your picture gets past the gatekeepers. To get the best result, you need to make sure that your photo is not only optimized for the digital format but also that it fits within the required dimensions. The width and height of your digital image should be equivalent. The resulting picture should be 240 kilobytes and no larger than 2 inches x 2 inches. You should also keep in mind that your photo should be in the JPEG format.

Can I use photo editor to create Canadian PR photo?

Sure, a wide set of online passport photo generator are available to choose from. You will be able to create compliant photo for Canadian permanent residence card, passport, pal licence and any other documents. For example, AI-Photo, Visafoto,123passportphoto can sever your speciific needs. Simply upload the photo and they will automatically crop the photo to right size, change or remove the background. You don't have to worry about any specifications or requirements. Photo editor will do the rest of work.

Urgency processing

Getting a new Permanent Resident Card is an important step in your Canadian immigration process. You need to apply for the card within 60 days of landing in Canada. You may be eligible for a faster processing time. If you need a new card, a new photo and mailing address are required. This can take up to 49 days to complete.

If you have a new job opportunity that requires you to travel, you can apply for Urgency processing. You must provide proof of your urgency. This is usually sent to you in the form of an IMM 5511 form. You can also use Humanitarian & Compassionate grounds for your PR Card renewal application.

Applicants must also show that their job opportunity is real. If you are unable to provide proof of urgency, your application will not be processed. The applicant must also show that their job opportunity is scheduled on a specific date. It is important to keep a copy of your proof of urgency.

The government website will give you an estimate of the processing time for a PR Card application. Generally, you can expect to wait 13 calendar days for a new card, or 27 calendar days for a renewal. The time is subject to change, so be sure to check with the Government of Canada before you apply. You can also print a status report on your application online.